Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal treatment is the removal of infected or inflamed pulp from the inside of the tooth. The pulp is removed from the visible part and roots of the tooth. Pulp is the soft tissue inside the crown and roots of teeth containing nerves and blood vessels. Once infections from tooth decay, trauma, crack or leakage from previous filling get into the pulp, infected or inflamed pulp may need to be removed. After a root canal treatment, the tooth can be expected to function normally and usually be retained for a long time.

Root Canal Procedure
Your dentist will take an X-ray of the root and may perform a pulp test to confirm that a tooth does indeed require root canal treatment. We will then discuss with you the procedure, costs and number of appointments required.

The tooth may need to be numbed with a local anesthetic. All tooth decay will be removed to gain access to the pulp chamber of the tooth and remove the pulp from the crown and roots. The root canals are cleaned, prepared and completely sealed with a filling material to prevent further infection. Following the root canal treatment, the tooth will be restored with a strong filling material or crown.

In most cases, root canal treatment is successful and the tooth will no longer cause pain. However, there is always some risk depending on the condition of the tooth, the complexity of the root canals and your response to treatment. If this treatment fails, the tooth may require further treatment or extraction if it is unable to be saved. Your dentist will be happy to clarify and discuss any part of your treatment at any time.