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If you have lost your teeth, whether due to injury, tooth decay, gum disease or aging, dentures can help restore your way of life. Dentures will better enable you to perform daily functions such as eating and speaking, and regain self-confidence by improving your appearance and smile.

The process of creating a denture (called a prosthesis) usually takes around 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the type of denture and technique the dentist or laboratory technician use.

Once your dentures are fitted, your dentist will show you how to properly care for and store them in order to prolong their wear.

Types of dentures:

Partial Denture

Full Denture

Immediate Denture

Over Denture

A partial denture is made to fill the space left by a few missing teeth. To hold the partial denture in position, clasps are used to secure the denture to nearby natural teeth. Depending on your situation, a removable partial denture that attaches to your existing teeth can be devised.

A full denture may be recommended when all of your natural teeth are missing. It can be fitted to replace the upper and/or lower teeth.

A dentist will insert an immediate denture after teeth are removed. This will help you to establish your speech patterns early and allow you to chew easily.

An over-denture is a denture that fits:

  • Over the top of remaining teeth
  • Over tooth roots that have had root canal treatment, or
  • By attachment to dental implants

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